Medical detox

Attempting to recover from drug or alcohol addiction on your own can be difficult and even dangerous due to withdrawal symptoms that emerge during detox.

Unfortunately, most solo attempts at detox end with prolonged substance use as symptoms can become too much to handle without the help of a medical professional. Medically-assisted detox is the solution to these withdrawal symptoms and makes the hurdle of detox more of a speed bump.

Medical Detox Benefits and Treatment

The opportunity to have a safe and comfortable detox is one that many previously addicted individuals take, ultimately leading to their successful recovery. The treatment offered to every guest of Phoenix Rehab Campuses ensures they can fully focus on growth and healing throughout the program.

Benefits of medical detox include:

  • Direct clinician support for physical and mental health concerns
  • A safe haven away from drugs and alcohol to start recovery in
  • Access to FDA-approved medication to ease withdrawal symptoms
  • Lower risk of relapse
  • Protection from potentially fatal detox side effects
  • 24/7 supervision from trained medical professionals

The Medical Detox Process

Medical detox is often the first step in an addiction treatment program after the initial physical and psychological health interview. Once a guest’s unique needs are understood, their detox team can prepare for the upcoming transition to sobriety. Medical detox at Phoenix Rehab Campuses provides guests with instant intervention if withdrawal symptoms become too severe.

Withdrawal symptoms will vary in intensity and type throughout detox. Some substances can take up to a month before their effects are entirely absent from the mind and body. The variation in detox phases between substances is another reason medical supervision is necessary to achieve a successful detox.

Start Your Recovery With Medical Detox at Phoenix Rehab Campuses

The intake process for addiction rehab sets the stage for effective treatment. At Phoenix Rehab Campuses, a dedicated patient-care coordinator works with guests to better understand their current health and relationship with addiction. Then, an individualized treatment plan is drafted based on this information to give guests the exact help they need.

Getting to a Better Baseline in Detox

Achieving initial sobriety is required to continue addiction treatment. However, maintaining sobriety is much easier than quitting in the first place, another area of recovery that medical detox benefits. In addition, mental health is improved in detox for an easier transition into therapy sessions in both group and individual settings.

A Successful Recovery Starts With a Successful Detox

Once medical detox is complete, guests progress to their full treatment plan to start recovering and healing from addiction. Successfully completing treatment is the first step toward a sober lifestyle. Alumni of Phoenix Rehab Campuses also get access to an extensive network of aftercare specialists to aid in relapse prevention.

Ready to pave your own path towards sobriety? Reach out to the compassionate Phoenix Rehab Campuses team today to get started.