Partial Hospitalization Treatment

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program, or PHP, is an intensive outpatient treatment requiring meetings five days a week. A team consisting of clinicians helps address any mental or physical health concerns during detox before the guest enters the next leg of recovery. After detox, the outpatient meetings begin and take six hours to complete, with each day consisting of different forms of therapy and skill-building classes to promote growth and recovery.

PHP can be thought of as the middle ground between inpatient and outpatient treatment. The amount of meetings and work required by the guest is similar to residential treatment but with the freedom to return home each day that outpatient treatment provides. While some guests start and end with PHP, those who begin with inpatient treatment often transition to PHP before eventually returning to their daily life after treatment is completed.

What’s Included in a PHP?

The flexibility of a PHP makes it a common starting point for guests on their road to recovery. Multiple forms of therapy and addiction treatment services are available to guests throughout their time at Phoenix Rehab Campuses.

Group Counseling Meetings

Attending group counseling gives guests a chance to see how others have overcome the struggles that come with addiction. The support peers provide during these sessions often leads to new friendships that persist even after treatment. However, group counseling goes beyond those in rehab; family members and loved ones can join and share their stories to start healing and growing.

Individualized Therapy

Depending on the guest’s needs, they will receive one-on-one therapy from a trained counselor specializing in addiction recovery. The two most common types of therapy utilized are cognitive behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavioral therapy, CBT and REBT, respectively. Both therapies help uncover the driving forces behind a guest’s addictive behavior and help them reprogram those areas of the brain.

Addiction Education and Treatment

Substance abuse education is critical in understanding how addiction develops and what can be done to avoid triggers. In addition, educating guests on how certain substances impact the body can show them what they’re putting their health through when they decide to engage in substance abuse. Another part of substance abuse education is learning how to interact with others while sober and setting healthy boundaries in new and old relationships.

Treatment at Phoenix Rehab Campuses tackles all sides of addiction and substance abuse by leveraging a team of experienced medical professionals from various backgrounds and disciplines. Each treatment plan is developed based on the individual guest’s needs and changed as needed based on progress made during treatment.

Addiction waits for no one, which is why the team at Phoenix Rehab Campuses is standing by 24/7 to help those who need it most. So walk in or reach out to our team ahead of time to discover your treatment options to achieve a sober life.