Overcome Addiction at our Phoenix Rehab Campus

Overcome Addiction

at our Phoenix Rehab Campus

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Get started on a world-class treatment program and overcome addiction at Phoenix Rehab Campuses.

Phoenix Rehab Campuses provide residents of Arizona and neighboring states a safe and comfortable space to recover from addiction. With compassionate staff and evidence-based treatment methods, Phoenix Rehab Campuses gives every guest their best chance at a successful recovery and sober future. Treatment can be covered in full or in part by government or private insurance plans.

We’ll Guide You Every Step of the Way

All insurance work is handled for you.
Our office staff makes the intake process seamless to get treatment started as soon as possible.

Treatment goals and requirements are clearly defined.
Evaluation of addiction history and behavioral health issues gives your recovery team the information needed to draft an individualized treatment plan.

Same-day admissions.
Never miss an opportunity to begin treatment for yourself or to enroll a loved one.

Transportation arrangements.
Current circumstances shouldn’t restrict someone from treatment. Transportation to and from Phoenix Rehab Campuses can be provided as needed.

Phoenix Rehab Campuses Provide Comprehensive Treatment

Every instance of addiction requires a different combination of treatment methods to effectively address the disease. At Phoenix Rehab Campuses, guests have access to all levels of treatment from medical detox to inpatient rehab. Each stretch of the road to recovery at PRC is completed at our luxurious rehab facility.

Our goal is to change the public’s perception of addiction treatment from a cold, clinical setting to one of compassion and growth without sacrificing the quality of our services. Phoenix Rehab Campuses alumni also have access to a vast network of aftercare services including ongoing group meetings and relapse prevention specialists.

What Can I Expect From Phoenix Rehab Campuses?

Our treatment programs are designed to not only overcome addiction, but to prepare guests for a sober life after treatment. This involves various techniques and treatment methods that have been proven effective at minimizing addiction’s influence on the mind and body.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Also known as MAT, medication-assisted treatment helps guests comfortably navigate detox and the accompanying withdrawal symptoms. For many individuals with addiction issues, detox is the hardest part of recovery due to the dangerous and potentially fatal nature of withdrawals.

Individual and Group Therapy

Therapy sessions held in groups give guests a chance to share their stories and draw inspiration from each other’s victories. Individual therapy gets more involved with discovering personal triggers for addictive behavior and adjusting them with cognitive-behavioral therapy. Relapse prevention therapy is a part of rehab aftercare and creates a safety net for Phoenix Rehab Campuses alumni facing high levels of stress or triggers.

Social and Career Skill Workshops

Interpersonal relationships can be difficult to maintain when battling addiction which leaves guests without the necessary skills to form new ones after treatment. Workshops help guests develop these social skills that will also translate to the workforce. Resume building and networking workshops are a boon for guests looking to find gainful employment as soon as possible after treatment.

Qualified Clinician’s Lead Our Recovery Care

Every part of the recovery process is overseen by experienced and trained medical professionals at Phoenix Rehab Campuses. Each team member is licensed for their respective role with additional training in providing compassionate care to guests no matter the situation. You and your loved ones can expect the best recovery experience possible at PRC.

Who Does Addiction Treatment Work Best For?

Treating addiction is never a simple task but the PRC team is ready and able to help anyone that walks in our doors find their way to lifelong sobriety. Treatment options can be tailored based on individual needs to help address the underlying force that started it all. Phoenix Rehab Campuses bring effective treatment to Arizona’s addicted population to give them the chance at a free life they deserve. Anyone struggling through their relationship with substance use can benefit from rehab.

Find out more about how Phoenix Rehab Campuses treatment programs help prepare you or a loved one for the transition to a happy and healthy life after rehab.