About Phoenix Rehab Campuses

Phoenix Rehab Campuses is Arizona’s premier addiction treatment center.

With resort-style accommodations and an experienced team of medical professionals, our rehab center is ready to turn any recovery into a comfortable and successful experience. Compassion and commitment are the pillars our team works on to create lasting impressions with every guest.

Our location in idyllic Arizona gives our guests access to some of the nation’s most peaceful and meditative settings. With an open and calm sky comes a relaxed mind ready for growth and healing. There’s a reason so many residents of neighboring states make the trip to complete their rehab here at Phoenix Rehab Campuses. From intake to aftercare, our team is dedicated to doing everything they can to help guests achieve a sober life free of addiction’s grasp.

Our Approach to Rehab and Treatment

Achieving high levels of treatment success is about more than following a medical guide and administering medication accordingly. While medication-assisted treatment plays a significant role in the detox segment of rehab, the unique needs of guests tend to be found in the mind instead of the body.

Trained clinicians work closely with guests and their family members to evaluate treatment on an ongoing basis. Changes can be made to better align with the guest’s needs both during and after treatment. Failing to touch on all aspects of addiction during treatment can lead to an increased relapse rate and require the individual to return to treatment.

Holistic Treatment Programs

The team at Phoenix Rehab Campuses has years of experience working with guests who struggle from addiction to different substances and at varying levels of severity. The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of addicted individuals who never receive the treatment they need. With treatment programs that include sessions on building a healthy lifestyle and finding gainful employment post-treatment, our approach to rehab aims to set the standard for what it means to be in recovery.

Accessible Care

As part of the America’s Rehab Campuses family, our Phoenix Rehab Campuses can provide treatment that’s considered in-network care for most insurance plans. This includes Arizona’s AHCCCS public programs as well as private PPO and HMO insurance plans typically provided by an employer. In addition, payment plans can be arranged for those without the financial resources to cover the cost of treatment, as everyone deserves a chance at a healthy life. We even offer transportation to and from treatment for those who need it.

Individualized Recovery Roadmaps

Our team understands that addiction impacts everyone differently, even if two cases look the same on paper. Everything from family history to personal health changes how addiction interacts with the mind and body. Some patients only need a consistent source of accountability, while others require a separate environment away from home to heal. Our recovery team can help guests prepare for a sober life by considering their needs and life goals.

When sobriety is the goal, start the process by reaching out to the Phoenix Rehab Campuses team today for a free and fully confidential consultation.