Alcohol Detox Phoenix AZ

At Phoenix Rehab Campus, we are dedicated to helping people recover from addiction and rebuild their lives. Our drug and alcohol rehab center offers a comprehensive program that includes individualized therapy, group counseling, 12-step support groups, relapse prevention planning and more. We strive to provide the best possible care for all of our patients so that they can achieve long-lasting sobriety.

If you are in need of a reputable alcohol detox in Phoenix AZ, look no further than Phoenix Rehab Campus. Let us help you live a fulfilled life, clean from drugs and alcohol. You’ll see why Phoenix Rehab Campus is a top-rated alcohol detox in Phoenix AZ. We can verify your insurance, provide an assessment, and make recommendations that align with your needs, goals, and situation.

What is the Problem of Alcohol Abuse in Phoenix AZ?

The problem with alcohol abuse is a spiritual one. Not only does it rob people of the joy of living, but it can also damage relationships and even lead to chronic health problems. Alcohol detox is a process that helps people get rid of physical addiction to alcohol and manage withdrawal symptoms. This can be done in a medically supervised setting such as a hospital or an inpatient rehab center like Phoenix Rehab Campus.

With a dedicated staff and a resume of helping people get clean from drugs and alcohol, Phoenix Rehab Campus is who you can depend on to be your long-term recovery partner. Begin your journey of recovery with us. Contact us today to verify your insurance.

What is the Success Rate of People Who Go to Rehab?

Success rates vary from person to person depending on many factors such as severity of addiction, amount of support available and commitment to the program. However, research has shown that people who follow a comprehensive rehab treatment plan have a high rate of success in achieving sobriety. However, people who quit drugs and alcohol cold turkey, are much likelier to relapse, according to most sources. Some sources seem to suggest that more than 75% of all people who quit substances outside of rehab will relapse, most within a few days.

People who go to medical detox or rehab for alcohol abuse disorder may have up to a 100% greater chance of lasting sobriety and recovery, according to some sources. Undoubtedly, you can substantially increase your chances of sobriety with Phoenix Rehab Campus in your corner.

Request an in-Person or Virtual Tour of a Top Alcohol Detox in Phoenix AZ

At Phoenix Rehab Campus, we provide an individualized approach tailored to each patient’s unique needs and goals that is proven to increase the chances of long-term recovery. Our alcohol detox Phoenix AZ program helps individuals safely detox from alcohol and begin their journey to healing and sobriety. We provide personalized care, support, education and resources needed for a successful recovery process.

Our team at Phoenix Rehab Campus also offers aftercare planning to ensure our patients have a strong and successful recovery. We are dedicated to helping you or your loved one find their way back to a healthy, sober life. You can trust us to provide the best alcohol detox Phoenix AZ has to offer.